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Trauma stays in our bodies long after the events. We can release it, and release ourselves from its prison.

It’s been a tough year all around. For many, 2020 was just another traumatic experience in a lifetime of painful events and excruciating memories. Slowing down and isolating during quarantine may have brought up disruptive thoughts and feelings you thought you had left behind.

Sometimes we know exactly what traumas – long past or recent - are stuck in our bodies, causing anxiety, depression or illness. Sometimes we just know it’s there and can’t put our finger on why. You don’t have to know what it is to release it. How deep you go is up to you.

Private, personalized trauma healing combines all of the benefits of private yoga instruction and reiki energy sessions; guided meditations, mantras and breathing exercises selected just for you; and both specific and improvised movement sequences designed to help release the fight, flight or freeze impulses from your body. Every session is uniquely designed for you, and completely confidential.

Trauma healing always begins with one 60-minute initial intake session. In this required hour, we discuss your needs and goals, and any particular events, traumas or emotions on which you would like to focus our work. There may be specific histories or stories you want to share, or perhaps not; we can do the work just as effectively either way. This information allows me to customize your session. 

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If you engage in a series of trauma healing sessions, I evaluate what worked well at the end of each session and craft the next session based on what transpired or showed up that day. 

As an ordained minister, there is absolutely nothing I have not seen, heard, or talked about with people. Trauma healing is done within a safe, gentle bubble of unconditional love, empathy, non-judgment, and deep respect. You are in control of the process. You will never be asked to talk about or do anything you do not want to.  

I recommend checking out the work of Dr. Bessel van der Kolk (hyperlink to ) and Dr. Peter Levine (hyperlink to ) prior to your sessions, as their highly respected research and lifelong work on trauma, the body’s response, and somatic expression are what my trauma healing training and guidance are based on.

Click on the calendar to see available dates and times, and request an initial intake session today. If you have questions about trauma healing, please contact me at


4 week series of 1x/weeK

$560 ($140/session)

6 week series of 1x/week

$780 ($130/session)

8 week series of 1x/week

$960 ($120/session)

It’s been a tough year. All of us need and deserve self care. If you are experiencing a financial situation, please email to get a discount.

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